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7-Weeks OSHO Active Meditation® Series

  • Lakshmi House 43 Jalan Merah Saga Singapore, 278115 Singapore (map)

Journeying through the 7 Chakras with OSHO Active Meditations®
with Amber Sawyer
May 17, 24, 31, Jun 7, 14, 21, 28
$40 Drop-In
$35 Per Class if Pay Upfront for 3 or More Classes
$230 For all 7 Weeks

Please register your interest at with subject title Active Meditation with Amber with your name, contact details, and classes you are interested in attending! For further enquiries whatsapp +6582688298

Venue: Lakshmi House, 43 Jalan Merah Saga

ACTIVE MEDITATIONS are structured meditation methods that consciously bring the practitioner from the periphery to the Centre of the storm, to that place of Witnessing, to that place where one can reside in Awareness while all continues to exist around them. By using movement or sound, combined with our full attention, we are able to step by step bring our mindfulness to more subtle sensations, moving from the outside in, eventually becoming aware of body, breath, physical sensations, emotions, thoughts & the gaps of silence in between them. It is in this place of watchfulness that we become FREE to fully experience our present moment. These methods use movement & sound, are easy to learn and quite profound especially when practiced in a group! In this specially designed series, we will explore 7 different Osho Active Meditations over a course of 7 weeks, with each method cultivating awareness through particular focus of different energy centres. 

Week 1 / Root: OSHO® Nadabrahma Meditation - Grounding through Sound
This meditation technique was developed by Osho and inspired from the Tibetan Buddhist methodology of using sound vibrations to access consciousness. Nadabrahma meditation uses humming sounds to create a healing and aligning effect throughout the body/mind, as well as uses hand movements to balance masculine and feminine energies through visualisations of giving and receiving. This meditation method is very gentle, easy to learn and extremely effective at offering an opportunity to ground and centre oneself into wholeness.

Week 2 / Sacral: OSHO Kundalini Meditation® - Sacral Energy Rising
This is a potent active meditation that creatively uses shaking, free dance, stillness & silence to bring one into a deep state of awareness. Most of us have realised that repressed emotions and stressful living can affect our ability to calm the mind, to live vibrantly and to relate to others. This method is particularly helpful to release tensions that block the natural flow of energies in our body, allowing us to become more joyful, peaceful and authentic. Kundalini Dance Meditation is a wonderful technique that allows us to embody our Inner Shakti and to find ourselves in a pure state of awareness! Come shake off what is no longer serving you, connect to the Kundalini Energy, express yourself fully and drop into a state of pure watchfulness! Suitable for absolute beginners or advanced meditative practitioners. No experience is needed and modifications are available for people who have any physical limitations.

Week 3 / Solar: OSHO® No Dimensions Meditation - Centre of the Cyclone
Sufi Dance Meditation (OSHO® No-Dimensions) – This is a powerful active meditation created by Osho and inspired by Gurdjeff, based on the heart-centered Sufi tradition, which uniquely uses repetitive dance & whirling to bring awareness to our hara (centre). So often we are pulled into the cyclone of impermanence, misidentification, circular thoughts and runaway emotions; this technique empowers us through dance to find the centre of the cyclone and to rest in a place of witnessing, untouched and unaffected by the peripheral storm. Come and enjoy this dance meditation and let it lead you to your Self. Suitable for beginners or advanced practitioners and modifications are available for those with physical limitations.

Week 4 / Heart: OSHO® Mahamudra Meditation - Surrendering with Devotion
This is a beautiful movement meditation meaning ‘The Great Gesture”. Using our body as a medium to communicate to the Divine Essence, we create free flowing gestures of the physical body as a communion to Existence, offering our love & gratitude for this miracle of life. This moving meditation follows in the tradition of Bhakti Yoga in that every movement becomes an offering to Love and a mindful way of entering a deep state of Awareness. Complete with receptivity, gratitude, openness, gentleness & humility, this technique brings the practitioner into the silent depths of the heart. The effect on the physical & energetic bodies is one of harmony, surrender & love. Anyone can practice this technique and will surely find that the heart is more open after such a delicate journey inwards. 

Week 5 / Throat: OSHO® Devavani Meditation - Finding the Divine Voice
This method is an amazingly delicate & calming technique. Devavani (Divine Voice) uses one’s own sounds to make gentle non-language speech (latihan), as well as free movement of the body, and silence, to reach an inner state of awareness. The method is very quiet, offers a beautiful balance of sound, silence and stillness.

Week 6 / Third Eye: OSHO® Gourishankar Meditation - Cultivating Attention & Awareness
This is a soft centering technique which works on the third eye centre. Inspired from the paths of Yoga, this method utilises a form of pranayama (breath control), tratak (visualization), Latihan (spontaneous movement) and stillness, as means to bring the practitioner into a heightened state of awareness. In particular, this method is fantastic for deepening attention and presence. 

Week 7 / Crown: OSHO®Chakra Sounds - Opening to the Universe
This beautiful sound meditation combines free toning with supportive music and visualization at each energy centre along the spine, as a means to cultivate presence, awareness, alignment, connection and profound understanding. When performed in a group, this method is extraordinary. Participants remain seated throughout the duration.

Please register your interest at with subject title Active Meditation with Amber with your name, contact details, and classes you are interested in attending! For further enquiries whatsapp +6582688298

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