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Finding Balance and Flow Special Class: A Shape-shifting Journey through Water with Amber Sawyer, May 26

  • HOM Yoga Orchard Central Singapore (map)

As seen to us throughout nature, water is a healing force of feminine energy that nurtures life through its effortless ability to shape-shift, self-balance, harness an ever present longing to flow and to seek the greatest Source. 

Correlating to the Kidney (Yin) and Bladder (Yang) meridians, a balanced Water Element invokes qualities of adaptability, equilibrium, flow, feeling, reflection, and deep knowing. When out of balance, one can experience withdrawal, fear, self criticism, fixedness, and a sense of stagnation. 

In this practice, we will stretch and strengthen the Kidney and Bladder meridians through a carefully curated sequence of asanas, as well as utilise mudras, visualisations and affirmations, as a means to bring balance to the water elemental energies within our body/mind complex. This practice is suitable for all levels of practitioners, with a variety of modifications available. 

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Orchard Central
Saturday, May 26, 2018
5pm - 6.30pm


Elemental Yoga
This form of yoga is a unique system that integrates the wisdom of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hatha Yoga into a holistic lifestyle practice both on and off the mat. Elemental Yoga uses gentle, physical postures, mudras, visualisations and affirmations to bring harmony to the 5-elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Space) within the body/mind constitution by strengthening, stretching and supporting the correlating elemental meridians. When we are constitutionally imbalanced, dis-ease can manifest mentally, emotionally and physically, until realignment of our elemental energies is addressed. This system of yoga empowers the individual to design a more specific yoga practice to therapeutically shift imbalances and to develop a closer relationship with nature, ultimately leading to a greater awareness of our own inner nature – perfect Yoga.

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