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200 hr 5-Elements Yoga Teacher Training

*Learn * Embody * Grow
2nd - 23rd July 2019

This unique training, led by Amber Sawyer and Hugo Abecassis under Swara Yoga School, combines an in-depth anatomical and biomechanical understanding of yoga taught within the holistic framework of the 5 Element system of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda and underpinned by the philosophy of Classical Yoga and Tantra. At the end of the course students leave having learned essential tools and life skills to enhance their health and through which they can inspire others.

Taught in a traditional ashram style, we place a strong emphasis on interactive and experiential learning. The training encourages each student to listen deeply their own process and undertake specific practices for self-inquiry held within the group experience.

We offer this course only twice a year but once a year in Spain, if you have been considering the course for a while this is your opportunity to study with world class teachers and learn a sustainable and creative approach to health and movement.

For inquiries or booking please write contact Amber.